Structured Innovation

Our clients hire us because they have not been able to:

  • Solve Complex Business and Technology Problems
  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Profitability
  • Increase Market Share
  • Challenge the Status Quo
  • Gain Strategic Competitive Advantages
  • Gain First Mover Advantages
  • Establish New Industry Benchmarks
  • Increase Company Valuation

By working together, we could solve any and all of the above problems and transform any area of your business, by combining your subject matter expertise and industry experience with our successful, systematic, and structured approaches to innovating.

We provide 3 innovation-driven solutions:

  • 1. PRS: Problem Resolution Solutions™


These solutions reveal, redefine, and resolve your complex business and technology problems.

  •  2. CAS: Competitive Advantage Solutions™


These solutions shift the way you think to derive how the future of your current products, processes, and industry can and will evolve, to provide you with strong competitive advantages.

  • 3. IMS: Innovation Management Solutions™


These solutions help your organization:
Properly respond to a crisis and rapidly ramp-up appropriate teams
Reveal hidden problems
Enhance existing innovation and problem solving processes


  • Increased sales by over $1 billion for one company; created value of over $10 billion for one industry
  • Created one-time savings of $175 million
  • Recovered 18% of lost sales, while also capturing 26% in new sales
  • Developed 10 long-term strategies for technology and business initiatives
  • Developed 11 product platforms; designed 13 innovative components; yielding 20 client-filed patents
  • Solved 60 problems in 8 months via our web-based innovation service, achieving 97% success rate


We have a track record of providing innovative solutions to solve challenging problems across a broad range of industries, Fortune 100 companies, and leading organizations, such as:

  • 3M
  • American Airlines
  • Bank of America
  • Boeing
  • General Dynamics
  • General Mills
  • Mercedes
  • NASA
  • Pratt & Whitney
  • Sikorsky
  • SSL – Space Systems/Loral
  • US Army
  • US Air Force

Applied Innovation Alliance was recognized for four years in a row in the Forbes List of America’s Best Management Consultancy Firms, in the category of Innovation and Growth services.

ArcTangent Solutions has a strategic alliance with Applied Innovation Alliance to provide these innovation-based solutions.

We especially have a track record of helping firms significantly improve their offensive and defensive systems through innovative military solutions.

We will continuously monitor progress to address new issues and schedule health checks to ensure continuous improvement.

We are committed to your continued success.

Technical and Business Due Diligence

ArcTangent provides the following technical and business due diligence services for investors and organizations:

  • Software Portfolio Assessments
  • Software Application Assessments
  • Patent Portfolio Assessments
  • Cybersecurity Assessments
  • Innovation Assessments
  • Technical and Business Staff Assessments

ArcTangent helps companies that are looking to make a strategic acquisition assess the assets of their target company.

Our approach leverages sophisticated tools to provide a rapid and objective view of the target’s application portfolio by assessing the risk, complexity, and cost of what they’re buying.

After integrating the hard facts and new metrics into the overall M&A process, acquiring companies gain the confidence to bid (pre-investment) or integrate (post-investment) appropriately.

IT Assessment and Transformation

ArcTangent leverages it’s own broad and deep IT Capability  Assessment Framework to discover and analyze a client’s problems and issues.  We then provide cost-effective recommendations and solutions.

Optionally, we could also deliver a transformation project to implement the needed changes.

ArcTangent will continuously monitor progress to address new issues and schedule health checks to ensure continuous improvement.

We are committed to your continued success.

Software Intelligence

Integrated within ArcTangent solutions, we are able to leverage the following sophisticated tools for broad and deep analysis of software and systems as part of our alliance with CAST Software:


CAST Application Intelligence Platfoirm (AIP)

  • Automated Measurement and Analysis of Software Quality
  • Automated Software Quality Measurement and Risk Prevention
  • Quick & Broad Software System Quality Assessment (e.g., for M&A valuation)
  • Outsourced IT Vendor Software Quality Assessment and Improvement
  • IT Capability Maturity Analysis
  • Agile Analytics
  • IT Health Check
  • IT Rationalization


Interim / Fractional CxO Services

Contact us if you need an interim or fractional:

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • CIO
  • CISO
  • COO
  • CTO
  • MD
  • SVP
  • VP

We are committed to your continued success.

Why Customers Choose ArcTangent?

Customers choose ArcTangent because we have a successful track record of solving their business and technology problems.

We have provided our services to (partial list):

  • AXA Equitable Life Insurance
  • Citgo Hedge Fund Services
  • Citigroup – Derivatives
  • Citigroup – Global Equities: Architecture, Strategy, and Principal Investments
  • Citigroup – High Frequency Trading
  • DLJ (Credit Suisse)
  • Experian
  • Finetix (SunGard)
  • FXall(Thomson Reuters)
  • JPMorgan – Private Bank
  • JPMorgan Chase – Risk Management Technology
  • Medronic
  • Merrill Lynch
  • RNB (HSBC)
  • The Boston Consulting Group

ArcTangent’s Founder

Founder and CEO

Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen is a Technology Management Consultant and Change Agent with over 35 years of experience in Strategic and Tactical Planning; Assessments and Transformations; Technical and Business Due Diligence; Technology Problem Solving; Program Management; Project Management; Continuous Process Improvement; Product Development; QA and QA Automation; and Performance Testing – as well as hands-on mentoring, execution, and delivery.

He has successfully delivered projects across multiple industries, such as Financial Services (Capital Markets, Banking, and Insurance), Health Care, Digital Lending, Digital Marketing, Semiconductor, Business Services, Aerospace & Defense, Telecommunications, Risk Management, Medical Devices, Pharma, and Satellite Communication.

Larry was a Testing Strategy Consultant at Citigroup, a Chief Testing Strategist at JPMorgan Chase, Global Head of QA at Experian, and was the Chief IT Architect and Head of the Quality Engineering practice for the IT consulting division of The Boston Consulting Group.

Larry holds a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Bill PassoltCEO of OMSNIC and Fortress Insurance Company

"Larry asked great questions, quickly learned and understood our business, collaborated with both the business and technology sides, identified and prioritized our issues, clearly communicated effective solutions, and then led ten projects to drive improvements across my organization. I was most impressed with Larry’s passion, dedication, and persistence throughout the assessment and transformation program, and how he provided insights, outlined our options, and helped us make difficult strategic decisions."

Craig LawtonCEO of BCG Platinion North America and Senior Partner and Managing Director Boston Consulting Group

"As a Senior Partner and Managing Director at BCG, it is my pleasure to provide this recommendation for Larry, in his role as our Chief IT Architect and Head of our Quality Engineering practice. Larry is an expert in Quality Engineering and a broad array of topics across the SDLC. He has a strong work ethic, is a great team player, is very dedicated, and goes the extra mile. Members of numerous BCG teams have reached out to him for advice on a wide range of technical topics and were impressed with his detailed and insightful responses. I have been impressed with Larry's professionalism and appreciate how he has developed trusting relationships with our clients and produces high quality deliverables."

Andrew CustardVice President of Sales at SOASTA

"Managing a global initiative to improve application quality, customer experience, and performance is never easy... leading it across different organizations, new acquisitions, management, and product teams should have been brutally hard. Larry managed the process, stakeholders, competing groups, acquisition of new technology, vendor relationships, and an aggressive schedule with insight, discipline, and a steady hand. He pushed for higher standards (and got them) while never leaving the team behind. As success grew, he navigated press and marketing requests and served as a public face for the project. Larry delivers on all fronts with precision, partnership, grace and a passion for excellence."

David LauerCEO at Urvin Finance

"Larry is the best kind of CTO - a combination of deep technical knowledge and a great manager. He's extremely detail-oriented and process-oriented, but never to the detriment of project progress. If you need him to fix a problem with Linux or troubleshoot a NAS, he'll never hesitate to get his hands dirty! I've known Larry a long time, and he's always been a pleasure to work with. His knowledge is impressive, and he's always looking to combine decades of experience with a passion for cutting-edge technology."

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